The World of Boxing will Certainly miss Marvin Hagler – Oboh

The World of Boxing will Certainly miss Marvin Hagler – Oboh

Marvin Hagler, former undisputed middleweight champion passed away on March 13, 2021. Peter Oboh , Former British and Commonwealth boxing champion has expressed grief over the passing of the legend saying, “the world will miss Hagler, we will all miss him” and those words cannot be refuted by boxing lovers all around the globe.

On the controversy surrounding the champion’s demise that suggested he died as a result the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine


Oboh said “there is no smoke without fire.” He also said, “Whether Hagler’s death was caused by the vaccine or not, I want to buy the suggestion by Microsoft founder Bill Gates who said Africa should focus more on how to overcome hunger, providing better health care and basic infrastructure for its teeming population than pumping millions of Dollars on the coronavirus vaccine.”

Oboh finally concluded that the COVID-19 couldn’t kill Hagler.

the vaccine or not, the truth remains that the late champion is gone but would never be forgotten.

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