Tecno Winpad 10 :Tecno winpad 10 full specification

Tecno Winpad 10 :Tecno winpad 10 full specification

Tecno winpad 10 is one of the latest Windows tecno product in the country released last year. The device is strong and a great companion for lovers of portable mobile gadget and professionals who cannot do without their system. This is the first Tecno product running on Windows operating system. Tecno Winpad 10 is unique and you will be very much amazed at its great features.

tecno winpad 10


Tecno Winpad 10 Full Specification.

1.Tenco Winpad 10 has a dimension of 258.5mm x 173.2mm x 10mm which is portable and easy to carry about because it weighs just about 580g did you just get that? The RAM is 2GB, it runs on Windows 8.1 but you can upgrade it to Windows 10 for FREE oh yes FREE. Tecno Winpad 10 supports Wi-Fi, 3G, and 2G networks , it also supports USB and has SIM slot. I guess you can’t just help but love Tecno Winpad 10

2.Storage Capacity: Tecno Winpad has 32GB internal memory capacity and it can also be increased with  an external memory. Yes I said External. Tecno Winpad 10 has a space for external memory.

3.Battery: Tecno Winpad 10 has been equipped with 7000mAh li-poly battery, Movie and music lovers you know what that means.

4 Camera: Tecno winpad 10 is equipped with 2Mp front camera and 5Mp back camera.This is just good to go for your daily photo shoot and video.

5 Keyboard: Tecno Winpad 10 has a detachable keyboard which you might decide to leave behind while going out and a touch screen keyboard which will still keep you busy after detaching the external keyboard.

Don’t forget the free office 365 package and  free one Terabyte yes I said Terabyte OneDrive online storage. The package is also bundled up with free skype 60min /month world calling just for your tecno winpad relaxation.This package is added for purchase from konga.


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