Self-defense next resort after kidnapping of RCCG members – CAN Youth Wing

Self-defense next resort after kidnapping of RCCG members – CAN Youth Wing

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Youth Wing, today, Sunday 28th, said the kidnapping of 8 of their members in Kaduna state, has drawn the line thus making the art of self-defense a must by the people.

The church members reported being on their way to Kafanchan in Jema’a Local Government Area for evangelism when they were attacked armed kidnappers and took 8 members.

It is apparent that the Federal Government of Nigeria is folding under pressure as the security sector has failed in flushing out these bandits and criminals terrorising the country says. Mr. Belusochukwu Enwere, lamented that kidnapping of the RCCG members. He said the body would opt for self-defense when its members are traveling, and in holy places, if the government and the security agencies do not rise up to the responsibility of protecting lives and property in the country. If the government refuse to help, then its up to the people too arm themselves and protect themselves.

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“We challenge the government, we challenge the security agencies to act now or never. The protection of lives and properties of the common man is their primary responsibility. “This anti-human behaviour cannot be corrected by mere condemnation by the government on the pages of newspapers. “If the situation does not improve, YOWICAN fears that self defence may be inevitable as Nigerian citizens may be forced to arm themselves in churches, mosques, while traveling and in some holy places.”

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