How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password-Here is a comprehensive guide to protect a word document with password

If you are talking about word processing program and you don’t mention Microsoft Word then you are yet to complete your statement. Microsoft word is one among the most prominent word processing packages, it has made work faster, easier and presentable. Microsoft word is user friendly as it is very easy to use.

How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password.

When you find yourself in an environment where you make use of a public system, what happens? How do you keep your personal word document save from the eyes of many users. you don’t need to worry much. Here is a simple guide on How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password.

1.Once you are done with the document to want to protect with Password, Go to the File Menu and click on SAVE AS.

2.Before hitting the Save Button, GoTo Tools (the button before the save button) and click on it to bring out the drop down menu, click on GENERAL OPTIONS.

3.From the dialog box, you will see two options PASSWORD TO OPEN and PASSWORD TO MODIFY.

Note: Choose password to open if you are creating the password for the first time. And choose Password to Modify if you wish to change an already existing password on the document.

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Here is another step on How to Password a Microsoft Word Document.

1.GoTo the File Menu on the left hand side of Microsoft Word Document and click on INFO .

2.Click on Protect Document. you will see options like:

Restrict Editing: This is simply protecting your document from being edited. you can also apply a password to this option and the document can be edited when removing the editing restrictions.

Encrypt with Password: Be careful with this option, once you apply it, the password cannot be removed. Encrypt with password is protecting your document with a user provided password which will appear encrypted.

Mark as Final: When you choose mark as Final, it means all the editing commands are disabled which means you can only read the document without editing.To edit the document, remove the Mark as Final Status on the document.

3.Choose that which you are interested in and click ok to apply it to the document.

How to Unlock a Protected Document.

To unlock a password protected document due to any reason, just follow these steps

1.Open the Microsoft Word Document,

2.Go to Review from the Menu List and click on Restrict Editing.

2.A pane will appear, click on Stop Protection.

3.Enter the password you used in locking the document to unlock the document and you are good to go.

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