In Ondo State, 80 people have been arrested and sentenced for violating sanitation law

In Ondo State, 80 people have been arrested and sentenced for violating sanitation law

In Ondo state, 80 people have been revealed to have been arrested during the monthly environmental sanitation exercise last Saturday being the last Saturday of the month of March.

They were arrested for breaking the sanitation law at different parts of Akure – the state capital of Ondo state, after violating the restriction order on human and vehicle movements during this monthly exercise.

The suspects were then charged to the Ondo state magistrate court in Akure over the offence. Mr Taiwo Lebi – Chief Magistrate found the accused people guilty of the charge and sentenced some of them to community service for a week while the rest were fined.

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Mrs Ayo Adeyemo – the General manager of the Ondo State Waste Management Authority after the clean up exercise confirmed the number of the suspects and the sanctions by the court. She further said that the state government would pull everything in its power to regain its pride of being one of the cleanest states in Nigeria. She further explained that there is a need to observe the monthly exercise so as to keep both the home and surroundings clean for the people’s own benefits too.

“Over 80 people were arrested and they were made to face the sanctions according to the law of the state. The state government is not taking the cleanliness and the health of the people with levity.”

Mrs. Adeyemo vowed that the state government would continue to deal with defaulters.

“It is now compulsory for all commercial drivers and vehicles owners to have waste bins in their vehicles so as to curb littering of streets and highways”

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