Google Chrome/How to download google chrome for Android

Google Chrome/How to download google chrome for Android

Google Chrome is a free fast web browser that is easy to surf the net with developed by Google.its first release was designed to work on microsoft windows but now you can use google chrome on different operating system including Android. Google chrome  helps you to Search for a content  and navigate from the same interface. Google chrome Choose from the available results and suggestions that appear as you type, including your recent searches and visited websites, so you can get what you want within the blink of an eye. Google chrome interface is very clear and bright which is user friendly and you also can customize it with any theme of your choice provided it is available on google chrome. google chrome is also available for other operating system like Mac,Linus, and OS comes with amazing features you wouldn’t like to miss when ever you ant to surf the net.

google chrome

How to download google chrome on Android.

It is very simple with these few  and easy steps

1.make sure your device is connected to internet.

2 create a google account (gmail account) on your android device if you don’t have an existing one.If you already have a gmail account,sign in on your android device to enable you access play store on your android device.

3 Visit google play store on your android device.

4 .Use the search bar and type google chrome for android. will see google chrome for android on download and wait for google chrome to download successfully.

7 ,Install on your device and your Google Chrome is ready for use

Be among those who enjoy surfing the internet with Google Chrome and i bet you,you will not regret downloading Google Chrome but rather,you will be glad you just did.


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