Gmail Signature/How to Add signature in Gmail

Gmail Signature/How to Add signature in Gmail-Make your mails unique and Simple with Gmail Signature

Gmail Signature

Gmail Signature is a unique identification attached to an outgoing message. The unique identification could be a contact ,business name, a quote, a company logo,a personal logo or any other simple but unique information you want the contact you are sending the mail to identify you with .Therefore Gmail gives you a platform to add this unique feature to your outgoing mails.

Your outgoing messages will look very unique to the recipient if you attached a signature to it. The first time I tried using a Gmail Signature, I just added …for more technology guide, visit and immediately, I got a reply, wow this looks amazing how did you add that to your mail….

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How to Add signature in Gmail

Below are few but easy steps on how to add signature in Gmail

For Laptop or PC

1 Logon to your Gmail Account

2 On the Right Hand side, click on setting and locate Signature from the Drop down

3 Select the Radio Button below No Signature

4 Type your Signature in the space provided and save.

For iphone

1.Open Gmail App on your phone

2.From the Menu List select Settings

3.Locate Mobile Signature and Turn it On

4.Type your Signature in the space provided and save

For Android Mobile

1.Visit the Gmail App on your phone and Open it

2.Select Settings on the Left and Click on Signature.

3.Type the signature you want to use and click ok.

With this,You can customize your mail.Just make it simple and Unique

Try this on your own and see how it works and gives us feedback using the comment column below.We will be glad to hear from you


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