Download 2go – Download latest 2go 6.3,7.0 on

Download 2go – Download latest 2go 6.3,7.0 on – 2go Download has been made quite easy with this simple tutorial.

2go download is a mobile social networking application that works freely on different mobile devices. 2go when downloaded offers one on one and group chat services.

2go download

2go has been around for a while and has been in great contention with other social networking sites like Badoo, Whatsapp, BBM, Nimbuzz just to mention a few.

Quite some time, 2go download has been the order of the day as we have seen the integration of 2go on other platforms like Java Phones, Android devices amongst other smartphones.

How to download 2go for Andoid

2go download for android is easy and interesting with these few but simple steps. You can download 2go on any android devices by using the following tutorial.

  • Visit on your smartphone or android devices
  • Click on the Download 2go from the 2go website on your device.
  • Launch the application on successful download and enjoy unlimited chat on 2go


2go Download and How to register on 2go

To register on is made easy with these few tips

2go application is user friendly so you can just start by visiting 2go homepage on in your browser and click the google play store icon.

When you see the 2go icon ,click on install and Allow 2go download app to fully install.

Locate the downloaded 2go shortcut on your device and open it.

Fill in the data as required on the form for 2go download (country, mobile number and password)

Upload your profile photo for other 2go download users to see you and update all relevant status.

And you are done with 2go download for android.

How to login on 2go

To start chatting with friends on 2go you will have to login with these few steps

A. Click on the 2go login  button on your device

B. Provide the required 2go login details like your username and password

C. Click on login and your as good 2go

How to recover your 2go password

it is possible to recover a lost password instead of processing a new is how to do it

A. Visit and select your country (south Africa is there by default)

B.Click on Help and select I forgot my password/pin. Just follow the instructions there

C. You will be requested to send 2go pin to a short-code(this is not free). Always remember to use the phone number you used at first to retrieve your new password.

That is how to use the 2go download platform on your smartphones.

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