How To Check If NIN And E-ID Cards are Ready In Nigeria

How To Check If NIN And E-ID Cards are Ready In Nigeria: You national ID card might be ready and very close to you but the question is? How will you confirm if this card is ready? This article will guide you through.

What is NIN?

NIN is an acronym for National Identification Number. it is also  called national identity number or national insurance number. This number is used as a means of tracking Citizens of a country by the government for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other government related functions therefore it is very important for every citizen to get one because a time will come when you cannot do without it. The number appears on identity documents issued by several of the countries.

What is E-ID Card?

This is an acronym for Electronic Identity. it contains major information of the applicant or Card holder recorded as recorded in the Database. Information such as the National Identification Number (NIN), the Cardholder/applicant’s address, name and other details are stored here and securely locked away and can ONLY be read by authorized terminals or Card Acceptance Devices (CADs).

How To Check If NIN And E-ID Cards are Ready In Nigeria:

It is possible for both cards to be ready however the applicant won’t know about it According to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), There is a platform provided to check if your card is ready provided you registered a long time ago. Just follow these steps to guide you better

  1. Visit NIMC center:
  2. Then click the proceed button
  3. Now, fill in your first name, last name and your National Identification Number and hit the ‘check now button’.

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