Calabar seaport ships first cocoa export to the U.S.A in 14 years

Calabar seaport ships first cocoa export to the U.S.A in 14 years

For the first time since about 14 years ago, Nigeria ships 7,000 metric tonnes of cocoa through the Calabar Port in Cross River State to the United States of America (U.S.A.)

Starlink Global and Ideal Limited both worked together in order to get the 7000 metric tonnes of cocoa out to sea through the Ecomarine Terminals in the said Calabar seaport.

Governor Benedict Ayade pointed out at the loadout celebration that the state of Calabar was rich in agricultural resources and thus urging the Nigeria Ports Authority – NPA, to hasten actions on the dredging and cleanup of Calabar seaport channels in order promoted increased amount in exports through the channels.

Ayade further emphasised;

“It’s time for us not only to export raw materials but also processed goods and urged the people to exploit opportunities that cash crops present in the state.”

When security of the goods was asked, he assured that the channels were always being monitored making the state adequately secured.

Hadiza Bala Usman – the managing Director of NPA, said that the authority was aiming for the Federal Government’s economic recovery agenda through consistent improvement on service delivery at the nation’s seaports, especially the eastern seaports.

She further said Calabar seaport doesn’t fall short of revenue generation even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which indicated service improvement, she said.

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“Although, we are not where we want to be, we are definitely not where we used to be. I, therefore, urge shippers and port users within the Northern and Eastern flanks to follow Starlinks example and bring their cargoes to Calabar and other Eastern ports to ease the pressure on Lagos ports.”

she mentioned.

Edward Akpan – the acting General Manager of Ecomarine Terminals Limited (ECM) also commented and said that companies had identified gaps hindering business opportunities in the maritime domain in Nigeria and Calabar pilotage district, in particular, adding that despite the challenges, ECM had consistently marketed the port and it is one of the few ports that currently export clinker, PKS, cement, and cocoa in the country.

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