The Best Games of 2016

The Best Games of 2016-here is the list of the best games of 2016.the games are fun and interesting that you must be part of it.

If you are a lover of games then you can testify that 2016 in the world of games was superb,the entertainment was full of shooters and adventures amongst others.but if I may ask,which game did you enjoy most? Find out the list of games that trilled game lovers in 2016.


When you are looking for a First Person Shooter kind of game. Just Go for Doom.Not the Doom you are thinking,the Doom here is a video game.


Doom is not just a game but a deeply intelligent game running on a hot engine of a very good player is easily accessible and the triggered action is on a high key which makes it very interesting.Doom is brutal,fast and men you cant help but just fall in love with it.soo much fun to keep you up all day.

Titanfall 2

titanfall 2

If you love robotic games,then you will love Titanfall 2. we have an interesting game about a space-dude and his space-dude robot.This game is full of Artificial intelligence that you can also learn while entertaining your self.Titanfall 2 is one game you must talk about when you are discussing about video games of 2016.being able to triple wall run down a corridor while lobbing a grenade at a bunch of enemies and headshotting another.Titanfall 2 is another game you must add to your list if you are new in the video game world.

Pokemon Sun/Moon


You might want to say pokemon Go is better but let me say here that Sun/Moon is amazingly  superb in its own way or let me say in every way.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Should I say Nate’s Final Send off was the last goodbye to the beloved characters, This game is very educative and full of life adventure. using past to explain who you used to be while using the present to explain who you have become.Above all this game taught me what it means to be an adventurer.

Dishonored 2


Two characters with special powers gave this game an edge over others.The level of design is one you will want to play over and over again.

Forza Horizon 3

forza 3

Are you a lover of racing games? Then let’s talk about this game. How far did you go in terms of speed?When you are looking for a vibrant racing game,go for Forza Horizon took advantage of the latest technology and its thrilling.



Looking for a well-crafted shooter,then go for the gun play was fun and interesting,unique characters and different game modes.the moments always take you be surprise like you just cant guess what will happen with the group of twelve players The magic aspect of overwatch is thrilling.So overwatch is a combination of gun play skills and magic just imagine that.

Battlefield 1


Full of heartfelt drama interspersed with bombastic set pieces like zeppelins hovering over london, battlefield is one of the freshest feeling shooters in years.

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