Apple iPhone 7 :Great Features, cute camera and Good battery life

Apple iPhone 7 :Great Features, cute camera and Good battery life

Apple is one among the Global giants when it comes to technology. Apple tries to always bring its users technology at its best. Apple designs, sell and develop different products and services to satisfy users’ needs. Recently, Apple just unveiled it’s latest product which is the long awaited iPhone 7.The news about Apple iPhone7 went viral and Apple  iPhone users kept their fingers crossed to see this amazing gadget but to my greatest dismay, some users are still not satisfied with the features on Apple iPhone 7 rather, they want some features on the previous Apple iPhone models to be well managed and handled. Apple is set to release iPhone 7 into the market in different countries soon.


Features of iPhone 7

The new IPhone 7 just released by Apple has the following Features

  • A new design with a sparkling finishing of black among other standard colors of Apple iPhones.
  • Innovative camera system which consist of 12 MP wide angle and telephoto cameras, optical zoom at 2x and digital zoom up to 10x to capture from a far distance and adjust to your taste. Wow users of iPhone 7 will love this great feature.
  •  Apple iPhone 7 is designed to be resistance to water, squelch and dust and this makes the phone safer than others.
  • iPhone 7 introduced a wireless ear bud called Air pods which is comfortable to use while listening to your music or making calls and immersive stereo speakers which will keep you entertained while you are busy with other things.
  • A new home button which makes users of Apple iPhone 7 have access to their phone with ease.
  • Apple iPhone 7 has a good battery life which is 2x better than iPhone 6 to keep you up all day.
  • In addition to the wireless ear bud, iPhone 7 also has earpods with lightning connector.
  • iPhone 7 has less visible antenna lines which makes it better also.
  • With IOS 10, you will enjoy all your applications on iPhone 7.

If you need more clarifications about Apple iPhone 7,just drop a comment below and we will be glad to attend to you.


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