Accident along Kaduna-Abuja highway leaves 19 dead, 34 injured

Accident along Kaduna-Abuja highway leaves 19 dead, 34 injured

A brutal road accident which just occurred somewhere around the Kaduna-Abuja highway on Sunday 21st March has claimed the lives of 19 people and left 34 with minor to severe injuries.

The commissioner Ministry for Internal Security and Home Affairs – Samuel Aruwan, confirmed the incident as true in a statement he made this morning Monday, 22nd March saying the 34 injured individuals have all been taken to a hospital where they are recieving proper treatment.

According to spectator,the incident involved a DAF truck losing control and swerving into the bush. This was caused by overspeeding and the sudden burst of one of the tyres.

All in all, 53 people were involved in the resultant chaos 16 of which died on spot, 3 later succumbing to the serious wounds and 34 left fighting for dear lives who were later taken away from the scene by the responding Federal Road Safety Corps official to the hopitals for treatment.

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The crash site was visiteed by officials of the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs for confirmation of the report and proper evaluation of the incidence.

The driver going by the name Auwal Idris explained that most of the passengers on board the truck were picked at Kara, Lagos, near a filling station and their destinations being Zaria and Kano.

The Governor, Nasir El-Rufai upon hearing of the tragedy expressed shock and sadness and prayed the souls of those who perished in the crash fine eternal rest in the hereafter and also sent his condolences to their families. Speedy recovery was alsowished uppon the lives of those injured.

Governor Nasir didn’t fail to commend the Federal Road Safety Corps officials for their swiftiness to the scene and evacuation of the injured to away to the hospital.

Accident along Kaduna-Abuja highway leaves 19 dead, 34 injured 2

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