Techrobin.com  is a technology  site that is aimed at reviewing and giving you step by step tutorials on the latest  technology  and mobile gadget trend .Maryam Shehu is the Founder of Techrobin and being a computer Nerd, She built techrobin.com to answer and give more light to the technological World. Techrobin.com  is made up of 2 main Category which are



The Name Techrobin

After searching for a tech name with the assistance of two great friends for four days, we couldn’t come up with any good techname .One good Monday Morning I was on my way when a beautiful bird flew as I walk by.wow it looks like The Robin Bird.The thought of Robin bird consumed me throughout that Day. Getting to know what Robin bird symbolized made me Happy. The Robin Bird symbolizes  ”Joy and Sense of Renewal”. Alas we have gotten what we wanted. I called my friends and they were happy that  we have finally Gotten a TechName.

TechRobin is here to give us Joy while we get to know the latest   about Mobile Gadgets and Technology with ease.Techrobin.com is here for you so don’t worry atall just Drop a comment and Our Agile Team will be There for You